Turmeric extracts are everywhere and they all claim big things; the highest percentage of curcumin, highest bioavailability (by adding other ingredients) etc.

The determined scientists at Biosfered set out to make the truly purest turmeric extract available using the most conservative and accurate test procedures available. To add another level of difficulty, the Biosfered team insisted upon extracting and maintaining another important group of compounds called turmerones. The purpose of turmerones is thought by many to increase the bioavailability of curcumin, making it a curcuminoid magnifier. The result of these exacting measures is to have the purest extract available, with other natural compounds (those turmerones again) thought responsible for increased bioavailability.

It just never made sense to Biosfered to increase the bioavailability of the extract by diluting it with other ingredients. After years of hard work, they were finally successful in their quest and now we along with Biosfered are proud to present OxiTurmeric®, no fillers, no diluents, just more of what you really want from your turmeric supplement, the highest level of curcuminoids along with turmerones.