Oxicyan is a new kind of antioxidant truly born of the idea that when 1+1 equals three synergism has been proven. The 2 components of Oxicyan together deliver a standardized multitude of anthocyanins along with phycobiliproteins to offer a powerful antioxidant.

How powerful? How’s 20 times the antioxidant activity of bilberry extract 25:1, or 10 times stronger than ascorbic acid, or even 2 times the antioxidant activity of astaxanthin! We know this because the scientists at Biosfered have proven these multiples not only through the use of the classical DPPH assay but with the cutting-edge methods of in-vivo human cell responses at the genomic level.

The Biosfered science team took the time to develop a process they later patented which allowed them to protect the bilberry anthocyanins by binding them to the proteins found in spirulina; pure genius.

Oxidation can be caused by acute situations, stress, demanding careers, sports, or even being a working mom. If your customer or formulation needs to counter this oxidation, Oxicyan may be the answer you’re looking for.