The Adaptogenic Antioxidant Bound for Success

OXI-P: the antioxidant phyto 4-complex that’s truly BOUND to be better. That’s right! It’s this cutting-edge complex that’s organically bound to rice protein by a patented process. The result is an adaptogenic antioxidant with better potential bio-availability.

The science team at Biosfered first started with a combination of powerful adaptogens and antioxidants in order to create a new kind of antioxidant built to maintain a sense of anti-stress and antioxidant equilibrium. Pretty interesting concept; right? After they developed the incredibly powerful antioxidant, Oxicyan, to battle acute oxidation situations, they felt it was necessary to build a product to keep the body in a state of maintenance.  So, they chose their four horsemen wisely. They added:

  • Bilberry extract for the anthocyanidins’ antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties
  • Japanese Knotweed for it’s resveratrol content
  • Jaogulan for it’s Panax Ginseng-like adaptogens
  • Skullcap for it’s highly touted baicalin, both anti-inflammatory and phenolic in nature.

Once this group of synergistic ingredient all-stars was assembled, the scientific team at Biosfered applied their patented process to bind these four extracts to rice protein in order to keep them all stabilized and better positioned for bio-availability. How’s that for looking at products differently?