If you’re happy and you know it… you probably took Nostrexin

Nostrexin is the true extract from the West African Griffonia plant that delivers 30% L-5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and guaranteed to be free of bacterial fermentation by-products.

First things first. Nostrexin is a true, water-soluble extract and not a product of fermentation. That is why we can not get the 5-HTP levels higher than 30% and really, why would you need to?

As many of you already know, 5-HTP is the biological precursor to the brain hormone, serotonin, which in turn can be turned into melatonin by the body. As a result, many people refer to 5-HTP as having a mood-food connection or relationship. A better mood, maybe less appetite and a better night’s sleep could all be connected by one common thread; 5-HTP.

What is as important, and even more so, is to know that the extract is free from fermentation contaminants called peak X, E and UV-5. Just Google  these peaks and you’ll be convinced.  Our extract, Nostrexin is extracted and only extracted from Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds with absolutley no fermentation is used anywhere in the process.

To help prove our equation, the scientists at Biosfered have also identified and quantified the second triad of compounds from Griffonia; the alkaloids Griffonin, Hyrtioerectin B, and Hyrtiosulawesin at a combined 4% level. Nostrexin delivers everything you want from a Griffonia, 5-HTP extract and nothing you don’t.

Sometimes it’s more important to look at what’s not in a product than what is. Just one more way we see plants differentlytm.