MyrLiq® or myracle… it could be one in the same when it comes to pain relief

Did you know that Roman soldiers took a vial of myrrh oil with them into battle in order to stop bleeding and pain from wounds? MyrLiq® is a clinically proven extract from the resin of the biblically known myrrh plant. Over the course of human history, myrrh has been used as a fragrance, a flavor and as a medicinal food. Today, the scientists at Biosfered have developed the extract, MyrLiq, that has brought all of those historical uses together into a cutting-edge ingredient shown through several published clinical studies to display significant analgesic effects in the areas of headaches, lower back aches and muscle aches.

Once again, the science team saw the potential of myrrh in four areas:

  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anesthetic
  • antibiotic

The challenge, however, was turning that potential into reality.  The key to MyrLiq as it turns out, lies in its unusually high levels of furanodienes, natural compounds that are not easily concentrated. Through the use of their patented, low-temperature process, Biosfered has been able to capture and maintain not just the furanodienes but the character of myrrh which has made it so desirable throughout history. It’s important to note that myrrh extract has also been shown to block proteins involved in the inflammatory process such as cyclooxygenase (cox); no easy feat.