The cranberry extract with 5% A-types and no fiber

Cranberry is cranberry…right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Some cranberry ingredients are just cranberry fiber while others are just spray-dried juice.

MacroPAC-A is a true cranberry extract which yields 5% PACs (80-85% which are the desired A Types!). There is no fiber in MacroPAC-A. The scientists at Biosfered wanted to create a product that while quantitatively strong, would still be a viable economic alternative to some of the industry staples still anchored in the old science so, they also gave some flexibility to the formulator and marketers by allowing MacroPAC-A to be available in 5% increments from 5% to 20%.

This allows the customer to tailor their formula based upon room available, their price points and the final objective of the product.  A further nod to real science, MacroPAC-A  proanthocyanidins are tested and verified using the DMAC test method. While other methods are readily available and commonly used to yield higher numbers, the people at Biosfered felt it was of vital importance to use the most accurate test methods available. They never want their integrity questioned or their customers embarrassed. Pretty simple; both in approach and in deed.