BosLiq BA

Everyone is aware by now of the Boswellic acids in Boswellia serrata and their ability to inhibit 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme responsible for inflammation. However; far less attention seems to be given to the diterpenes in Boswellia, namely serratol. One reason may be that it is not easy to process Boswellia and maintain the serratol levels.

The team at Biosfered recognized that fact and did something about it. They came up with a low-temperature process that was both novel enough and impressive enough to get a patent. The result is a fairly unique take on an otherwise common ingredient.

So then, what is serratol, what does it do and why should anyone care? Well, the answer is clear, serratol is quite a potent agonist of the transient potential vanilloid 3 receptor (trpv-3) which seems to have an effect on cutaneous pain and inflammation. So, there you have it. If you’re deciding which Boswellia serrata extract to purchase or formulate with, it would seem logical to move in the direction of BosLiq BA which not only delivers natural Boswellic acids but provides the added benefits of a trpv3 inhibitor. Make sure you get your serratol.

Bosliq AKBA

While we, like other companies offer the more commonly known Boswellia serrata, our Bosliq AKBA is certainly the more complete of the two and here’s why; Bosliq AKBA has we believe as much natural AKBA and boswellic acids as any boswellia in the marketplace. Yes, we used the word natural because the scientists at Biosfered through their years of research on extraction and quantification have found that there are natural barriers to the abiliity to extract and concentrate the AKBA and boswellic acids found in either Boswellia serrata or Boswellia sacra.

Their conclusion is simple; in their first-hand opinion, claims of boswellic acids equal to or higher than 70% or AKBA content of 30% or higher are frankly, unrealistic. They point to the possibility of the addition of synthetic forms or errors in quantitative determination.

Another reason Bosliq AKBA makes infinite sense is the relatively high levels of the diterpenes incensole and incensole acetate. Interestingly, these compounds seem to be vanilloid receptor agonists through a different pathway, through the senses. This is the same frankincense used in houses of worship as incense. and anyone who has experienced that smell can attest to the feeling of relaxation it imbues. This is one more important and differentiating point between sacra and serrata and one which points to its anti-anxiety properties.

One last note on our reference to frankincense versus Frankenstein. These extracts come from nature and should be respected as such. When we see extracts pulled apart and put back together either from different plants, species or even synthetic sources, it should give us pause. In this particular case, we present what we believe is the best possible form of frankincense extract and not a Frankenstein alternative.

This is just our opinion and our philosophy; we see plants differentlytm, or in this case, maybe just the way nature intended.