NaturArk; the exclusive distributor for Biosfered in North America

NaturArk is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Biosfered products for North America.

According to their managemant team, Biosfered never set out to discover new plants or other natural ingredients. They have believe there are already enough botanicals on the market that have clearly shown promise to improve the lives and health of humankind. Incongruently, we have all witnessed too many products making too many promises to too many people. Many of those promises however; have proven unkept. So, they set out to improve the botanical extracts that improve people’s lives. With that, the scientists at Biosfered reviewed almost countless botanicals to find which had real promise and which of those they felt they could approach differently to create the highest quality botanical extracts to perform their historically intended function or additional functions in a far better way.

Proper analysis and research are at the very heart of Biosfered. That is why they go to great lengths to obtain the latest laboratory equipment and validate the most appropriate test procedures for each product. As they endeavor to raise the bar in product quality and technology, they seek to do so commensurately with product testing and identification.  Research is the other driving force in Biosfered dna. One will find a mix of in-vitro studies, bioassays, pre-clinical and clinical studies to re-enforce the need and validity of the products they make and NaturArk represents.                                                                       

So, the mission is simple; Biosfered will innovate commonly used and accepted botanical extracts via new production methods, laboratory methods, and or uses to reveal and deliver the previously unseen, unattainable or untapped potential of a botanical so they may transcend botanical status to become categories unto themselves. And NaturArk is proud represent the products made by Biosfered because, we see plants differentlyTM.